The Clothes Off Our Racks

Where the movie industry helps the homeless & those in need

How we work

T-COOR provides a zero-cost method for production companies to dispose of unwanted, clean clothing or small items. T-COOR quickly collects whatever is left over when a movie wraps, and distributes it to hands-on homeless charities and nonprofits and/or directly to those in need. 

T-COOR also auctions celebrity items and uses the proceeds to purchase new socks, footwear, underwear and personal hygiene items for those in need.  An annual event is planned for the fall to raise awareness and gather gently-used clothing from the general public, in conjunction with those in film.  In some cases, T-COOR will also collaborate with a film company to generate positive publicity situations, including integrating with any existing corporate social responsibility programs or generating ad hoc opportunities from a standing start. 

Many productions are based outside Toronto and often must pay to ship clothing and other items back to a studio or warehouse.  Some clothing and items may never be used again and have not sold at the department's wrap sale.  Instead of disposing of everything, there is a better, more socially responsible way of clearing it out. T-COOR uses local volunteers with access to cleaning facilities, storage, and a network of Toronto-based homeless charities that collectively act as the distribution system for the clothing.