The Clothes Off Our Racks

Where the movie industry helps those in need

About us

The Clothes Off Our Racks (T-COOR) is where the movie/arts industry can help the homeless and those in need.  T-COOR collects clothing, small accessories, and basic personal items from various movie productions and crews, and transfers them to the homeless and those going through difficult times.  On some occasions movie production creates necessary excess to ensure a movie stays on-time and on-budget.  Through the T-COOR team's eyes, it became apparent that there are ways to re-use, re-purpose and recycle many of the clothes and smaller items that studios and crews no longer need. T-COOR hopes to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by not letting these opportunities go to waste.

So to generate a win-win opportunity, the T-COOR core team liaises with studios, independents, production companies, production managers, costume designers, and other key crew to arrange the prompt and convenient collection of surplus clothing and small items from sets all over Toronto.  These same volunteers then ensure the garments and items are distributed directly into the hands of Toronto's homeless and underprivileged population via charitable hands-on organizations and outreach workers with who we collaborate.

T-COOR prides itself in having zero bureaucracy, minimal administration, and a ‘get it done’ attitude that ensures the non-profit can positively impact as many homeless and underprivileged as possible without fuss.  The non-profit exists because of the good intentions of this core group of Toronto-based volunteers, who currently work in various capacities in the movie, communications/business consulting, and legal industries. Any storage space, transport services, etc. - which we are always seeking - would be appreciated.

Volunteers are always welcome.  


After a visit to a film market in sunny Santa Monica and seeing the difficulties many faced just outside of its borders, our founder, a publicist and LP/PM, had an idea for the movie industry to make more of a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Before the onset of another harsh Canadian winter, she reached out to some of her colleagues in film to find a way to directly assist Toronto's homeless.  

Within days T-COOR began as a simple concept in November 2014.  By the end of that year, a core team of volunteers with expertise in the movie industry, law, communications, and project management, had met and committed to the nonprofit start-up. Through a working knowledge of Toronto's homeless shelters and charities, boosted with proactive networking, the team worked quickly to establish a distribution network that could receive the items T-COOR obtains, and get them directly into the hands of those who need them.  

The T-COOR team hopes to continue its work and grow with new volunteers especially during the cold, winter months ahead when assistance is most needed.

GIVEN AWAy in the last year (fall 2017 to aug 2018)...

  • Men's & Women's Coats:

    • Over 300 light jackets, blazers, sports jackets & winter coats

  • Women's Tops:

    • Over 550 blouses, tees, cardigans and dresses

  • Men's Tops:

    • Over 450 casual shirts, dress shirts, tees and pullovers

  • Women's Bottoms:

    • Over 300 dress pants, jeans, slacks, skirts and shorts

  • Men's Bottoms:

    • Over 250 pairs of jeans, dress pants, slacks and shorts

  • Youth:

    • Over 100 Boys' & Girls' casual shirts, tees, pants, jeans, skirts, etc.

  • Accessories:

    • Over 40 pairs of Men's and Women's dress shoes and sneakers

    • Over 85 caps, hats, toques, scarves and belts